A Canvas of Creativity and Commerce

About The Company

Aandaz, meaning "Unique Style," was born in the spring of 2015, specializing in exquisite hand and machine made home décor embroidery. The company has its home office in New York, USA.

A combination of heritage and modern embroidered decor cushions and wall panels by Aandaz is a result of creative initiative and entrepreneurial zeal of design professionals and entrepreneurs.

Aandaz is a family owned business. The seeds of creativity and entrepreneurship were sown a few years ago when two of the present partners attended a design school in the US. Their stint at several design houses inspired them to produce (their) vision of embroidery, following which Aandaz was created.

Ever since the idea originated, it evolved through a continuous process of observation, innovation, creation, development, marketing, and production. The business partners function efficiently as a team, making optimum use of each one's potential in designs, manufacturing, sales, and marketing.

Quality is the benchmark

The company has a state-of-the-art R&D facility operated by highly skilled and innovative professionals who continuously generate unique designs for their clients. It strongly produces one-of-a-kind of design that is rare to find in the market, but keeps in mind the taste of its client. Utmost importance is placed on the craftsmanship and design. The company takes pride in quality and durability of its work, which results in a long term relationship with the client.

On a lighter note for everybody at Aandaz, it's 'Dancing the Threads!'